Web and mobile UX/UI designs

“La gente ignora el diseño que ignora a la gente.” – Frank Chimero

At 10Code, we know that the essence of the whole user experience is interaction. It's a conversation between a digital product and the user, and we love to generate a stimulating conversation. If you're looking for an engaging and interesting dialogue, you're in the right place.

The secret to offering the best user experience

UX and UI, both terms play an important role nowadays. Our UX/UI design team is multidisciplinary and consists of design, product and research professionals with extensive experience offering smart and effective design solutions.

An accessible and functional interface

UX (User Experience) focuses on the analysis, structure, organization and visualization of content based on the user's understanding.
is the process of facilitating and improving the quality of product interaction by the user.

An attractive and visual product

On the other hand, the UI (User Interface) is responsible for the choice of colors, typography, size of buttons, among others. It focuses more on the aesthetic appearance of the elements in order to facilitate readability and interaction between the user and the digital product, as well as to convey the brand personality of the digital product.

Services related to
the user experience

Product design

Product Design

We work with your team to design, test and launch digital products, always with your users as a priority.

UX Research

We help to make (Data-Driven) business decisions based on data through "Discovering" and prioritizing the user's needs and their "Pain points".

UX Consulting

We help you implement UX processes, tools and methods to improve your business performance.

What are the benefits of
UX/UI design?



Optimizes results because it intercepts the user's needs.



Transforms the content for optimal user navigation enjoyment.


Increases navigation time and decreases bounce rate.


Power the call to action to encourage the achievement of objectives.


Improve the user experience by making it more lasting and positive.


Achieve a well-built information architecture.