Business process automation

Reduce time-consuming tasks through automated efficiency.

10Code is a leader in the development of automation solutions, covering all the needs of IT departments and business areas. Achieve your business goals by increasing your efficiency with us.

Process automation, your best friend.

Automation is a great ally for IT departments, since it is a process that greatly facilitates daily business operations, thus generating a competitive advantage.

Subtracts operations, adds efficiency

At 10Code we analyze the specific needs of your business to implement improvements and simplify operations
in order to make them more efficient.

To do so, we take advantage of the latest technologies, reinforced with our experience and always focused on the elimination of manual processes and the digital transformation of your workflows.

Gain time for what matters

Free your employees from performing manual and repetitive tasks that consume time and effort thanks to process automation.
Only then will they be able to dedicate more time to more complex tasks
that bring more value to the company.

Types of technologies of

There is a wide variety of automation technologies and depending on the process
or task to be automated, it will be more convenient to use one or another:
Custom Software

We specialize in software development tailored to the needs of each of our clients.


Select repetitive processes that are taking too much time in a company and automate them centrally.


Software robots operate systems to speed up mechanical processes in order to reduce the workload of employees.


Compilation of data from an unlimited number of sources, organization and centralization in a single repository.